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TERRA seed is a team of professionals with long experience in the start-up industry and a rich academic background.

The investment policy of TERRA seed was developed for start-ups based on knowledge and technologies, as well as adapted to the specifics of the Polish market.
We invest independently and attract investors for our clients.
We have run R&D projects and multi-member teams, we have developed scientific skills and gained markets and clients - now we use all this experience to support the best innovative projects.
Who are we looking for?

The main fields of our interests

We are looking for people and teams who want to change the rules of the game on specific markets using science and modern technologies. We focus on ambitious, hard-working innovators who have the vision and willingness to implement their projects with above-average commercial potential. We do not create barriers – our offer of cooperation is addressed to scientists, individual innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

Medical engineering technologies, including medical biotechnology

with particular focus on the areas of Technologies, devices and medical devices, Material technologies in medicine, Technologies for telemedicine, Bioinformatics, Research and development of dietary supplements and foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses and Research and development of medicinal products.

Diagnosis and therapy of civilization diseases and in personalized medicine

with particular focus on the areas of Telemedicine in diagnostics and therapy, Diagnostics based on imaging and other detection techniques and Markers/assays.

Biotechnological processes and products of fine chemistry, as well as environmental engineering

with particular focus on the area of Bioproducts and fine chemistry products.

Food processing

with particular focus on the area of Production of food for special nutritional purposes and other products with designed nutritional and health characteristics.

Multifunctional materials and composites with advanced properties, including nanoprocesses and nanoproducts

with particular focus on the area of New smart composite and nanostructured materials for wound dressings, for surgical and hygienic products, enabling dosing of drugs and nanopharmaceuticals, with adjustable time of biodegradation and substrate separation, as well as innovative technologies of production thereof.

Automation and robotics of technological processes

with particular focus on the area of Designing advanced human-machine, human-system, machine-system, system-system interfaces.

from entry to exit

The investment process in brief

Investment project submission

Let us know about your idea and present its core assumptions. Send an email, use the form on our website or arrange a meeting with us.

Initial verification of the presented project

Based on our experience, we will make an internal, quick assessment of the project's compliance with our investment strategy. If something needs to be clarified - we will contact you immediately.

Preparation of a plan for the proof-of-principle phase

During meetings and in cooperation with selected experts, we will refine the business model and assess the investment attractiveness of the venture. We will also select the proof-of-principle activities aimed to confirm the assumptions underlying the project and reduce the investment risk. At this stage, we will use such methods as Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, or prototyping.

Defining the scope of cooperation in the form of term sheet

In this agreed list of terms, we will specify the scope of financed activities, milestones, distribution of shares in the company.

Performing proof-of-principle activities

Following joint activities such as market, product and legal analyses, an investment agreement based on their results will be prepared.

Investment entry

Our fund will take equity stake in an existing or newly established company and will transfer the agreed funding in tranches to perform the proof-of-concept activities.

Business support

Representatives of our fund will be involved in the company's activities not only with the aim to achieve the agreed goals, but more broadly - to build value of the business by attracting the most promising partners and investors.

Investment exit

Once the obligations under the investment agreement are fulfilled, the time will come to sell our equity to a selected investor, who will be able to provide the company or its technology with further support.

In a need for venture funding?

Please get in touch, so we can discuss the opportunity!

Our partners: